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Fic: I'm Not Losing Sleep (R) (Darrin/Larry)

Title: I’m Not Losing Sleep
Fandom: Bewitched
Pairing: Darrin/Larry
Rating: R
Category: pwp/smut
Word Count: 463
Beta: Thanks to 4ensicbones for the fabulous beta :)
Disclaimer: Sadly, none of the characters from Bewitched belong to me and seeing as how I was not even born when Bewitched aired-no where close to being born-if they were mine, we would have seen Uncle Arthur with his boyfriend and Serena would totally admit to fancying women.
Note: Written months ago, but, I've only just stumbled across this comm =D

Darrin Stephens was a proud man, and he was not, was not, going to beg.
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